New Year’s Day Annual Pregame Speech to TSP Followers

A HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! I hope that it is a wonderful year for you and yours! Also, thank you for joining me here in January TSP Live!! Here’s to a BIG month and a VERY STRONG start to the New Year! December was a solid month, but most of the fun and profit came in the first two thirds of the month. The final third was pretty boring, light content and took back a little of what was gained to start the month. Sometimes that is how it goes. I hope that you heed my advice posted on Telegram yesterday. We never know where or when our profits and losses will come from nor occur. So, when you place any bet, assume it will lose, and you will be betting appropriately for your financial situation. If you go into every bet assuming a win is a forgone conclusion, the year ahead might be a tough year.

I have NEVER had a losing year of content…EVER since 2002. I have been doing public content since 2011, and as any of my REAL OG’s know…not a losing year…not even close…ever. So, that’s great BUT…some of the years from 2002 through 2022 were TOUGH!!!! The profit RARELY comes easy, convenient and in a nice structured way. Some years I had some major drawdowns to open the year before the content finally caught stride. Some years I made a FORTUNE to begin the year…like could not miss, printing money sort of stuff…then the rest of the year was flat. Some years were a mix of up and down, a serious grind of profits…but profit none the less. I would say 2022 was the last type of year. We had a great January and February, a rough start to March but an INCREDIBLE finish. April was a grind but had a nice profit thanks to Kansas +1200. May was a solid month…June 2022 was the first losing month since March 2021. July had just enough of a run at the end of the month to avoid being a loser by a whopping two units…August was the same way with 3 units of profit. September was SOLID and gained over 30 units thanks to the analytics, October was flat until the final weekend of the month where we cashed a parlay, Dawson Knox big, and a few key straight wagers. November started slow and then picked up toward the end of the month to a nice profit. December continued that momentum as the first three weeks were awesome, but then the finish gave some back. Add it all up and that flow of action provided almost 120 units of TSP Live profits and over 50 units of publicly posted profits (Twitter & Telegram) for 2022. That’s how profitable the grind can be when you stick to it. Nothing about 2022 was easy though, but when you zoom out on the year as a whole, despite all those ups and downs…grinding losses and big wins…it was very healthy return and yes…another winning year!

People tend to see “never a losing year” and they dive in head first right out of the gate. “Never a losing year” is the long game of this. There are 365 daily betting sessions that make up that winning year and you need to survive each of them. Despite every year being a winner, there were some times where I had 15, 20 and 30+ unit drawdowns to my bankroll. It’s these moments which separate the men, from the boys who blow up their bankrolls and are never heard from again. If you have a 100 unit bankroll, betting 1 unit per wager, you can weather any drawdown that will come and be alive for the next run to get it all back. In 2019, I had a very strong run of content from March through November. At the very end of November, Robin Hood Club #5 opened and it lost NINETEEN UNITS in just over a one month period. It was still a very good winning year overall, even Robin Hood Selections themselves were still profitable despite the drawdown, but that 19 unit drain to finish a year will leave a dent. Yet The Sharp Plays survived and so did the vast majority of Robin Hood Club members. The constant brainwashing about bankroll management paid off for many! #RHC4Life

Some of the BEST gamblers reading this today are those folks who were with me during Robin Hood Club #5 back in 2019. Those who survived the 19 unit drawdown learned incredible life lessons in gambling and about themselves as bettors. It was a short term loss for a life changing long-term gain.

If you are going to lose your shit when the next Book Position, Group Buy, or whatever other top tier content loses, you probably should not be here. Shoot me an email or DM on Telegram and I will gladly assist in an easy exit strategy. No hard feelings and no problem.

I am not talking about the haters on the above either. The haters lose their shit when a pizza parlay loses just so they can ejaculate all over Twitter to “tens and tens” of views. Eventually, they realize nobody cares. In the mean time, let these poor souls do their thing. However, there are also good people out there who are going to come into the new year with this image of sports betting being easy, consistent and relatively stress free money…the answer to their prayers for an easy life and extra income! I wish that were the case, but it is not. The reason DraftKings and any other sports book operator holds a value in the billions of dollars is not because they are government subsidized nor located on a diamond mine…it is because of gamblers and the fact 97% of all gamblers will be providing money to the sportsbook bottomline this coming year! It’s a statistic that dates back to the 1990’s when studying this sort of stuff began. The people who are still standing at the end of another betting year are a ragtag band of brothers who weathered an intense betting boot camp and find themselves among the ELITE 3-4% of sports bettors in the world. They are those who ventured head first against every edge the book utilizes, and found a way to grind a profit from them by the time the year ended. YOU ARE GAMBLING’S NAVY SEALS…the best of the best and few make it! To get there, all it takes is bankroll management and discipline, anyone can do it IF they put in the effort. You’ll find many are lazy and do not…or they quit at the first sign of betting adversity and blow themselves up.

So, as you move into the new year…don’t have a vision of how your betting profits will be gained in the year ahead or how any month you pay for TSP Live will be an automatic winner…I am sorry to say…your plan will not play out and there will be one, two, or even more losing months along the way in the year ahead. Accept that, prepare for it, bet based on that REALITY and you will be all good! Fast forward to the end of this year and I am confident that I will once again be breaking down the performance of The Sharp Plays free & paid content and yet another winning year. The path to get to that profitable result could have been, to quote Thunder Mountain at Disney World, “the wildest ride in the wilderness!”. So, remain seated with your hands, arms, feet and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Please remove any hats and glasses and stow any cargo in the provided bin. If you feel nauseous, bags are located by your head rest. Now let’s go for a HELL OF A RIDE! Thanks for joining me on the journey!

Good luck in all your action and ventures this year!!