The Sharp Plays & Go Fast and Win Content 2024

As with any new year there will be some updates to the content and structure at The Sharp Plays. I am pretty pleased with the recent evolution from August to today. So, not a whole lot to update. Here’s what I am planning…
All Twitter and Telegram graded content will run through the Go Fast and Win Portfolio. Yes, I will still share all sorts of content on Twitter/X and Telegram…like the low level sharp buys each morning on Telegram, random market information (buys, book needs, etc.) throughout the day, pizza props, in-play bets and more. However, the only FREE CONTENT that will be logged and graded will be that which becomes a unit wager within the Go Fast and Win Portfolio. Anything else will be reported for your information, but not graded. The change saves me time in logging a variety of information tidbits that are rather low level and keeps grading to only those items which become actual unit wagers in the GFAW Portfolio. Due to this change the number of public wagers will actually expand and the change should make it easier for you to follow the FREE/PUBLICLY POSTED content. If it’s not a wager in the GFAW Portfolio from today forward…it’s just information and not logged nor graded.
How will Go Fast and Win wagers be released? Each day I will do the usual morning GFAW Analytics update and then any further GFAW Portfolio wagers will post to Twitter/X or Telegram (subscribe to both Telegram channels at to never miss a bet).
When it comes to paid content (TSP Live), there will be no changes to logging or grading. All content that was logged and graded in 2023 will continue to be logged and graded as normal in 2024. The Degenerate Portfolio will likely become the featured content in 2024 as it has been very well received by subscribers…especially rookie bettors looking for ideas on how to use the content and how to structure wagers within a portfolio/bankroll.
A question that has come up is why the Oddsmaker’s Report alerts have been quiet. Instead of issuing information from the book’s chat through the Oddsmaker’s Report alerts (things like group activity, known bettor action, etc.) much of that information now finds its way into other alerts and the TSP Live Legal Pad. So, the content is still there and in some ways bigger than ever…it’s just it no longer requires multiple Oddsmaker’s Report alerts to get it to you.
Given the consolidation of alerts, I am looking at possibly creating one single alert for TSP Live content. Whether Oddsmaker’s Report information, an Analytics Alert or just a new Degenerate Portfolio Wager, the alert title and message would be the same format. Then when you open the alert it will break down everything for you. Probably doesn’t make sense as I describe it here, but I’ll start testing this alert idea out this week and see how it goes.
Thanks as always for being a part of the action with me! Here’s to another great year ahead!
Good luck!