Hey Dude!

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Today, I’m reviewing “Hey Dude” shoes (“HD” for short). I am definitely not one for fashion nor change. I go for function and comfort over worrying about whether I am at the pinnacle of fashion. I have worn sneakers most of my life, unless going to a business or other function which required something a little dressier…or perhaps some boat shoes when in the islands or during the summer. So, when I began to see more and more guys around me wearing these Hey Dude shoes, I figured I would check them. I ended up buying a pair and was glad I did.

The first thing I noticed with HDs is that they are VERY LIGHT! Instead of heavier sneakers, wearing HDs is like wearing slippers throughout the day. However, that was my first concern. Slippers tend not to breathe well and lack of breathing means more sweating and more sweating means…well, not a shoe that can be worn more than a few times before it picks up an “aroma”. To keep things light, the outer fabric on HDs is either paper thin or relatively thin depending on the shoe you pick. Fabric on some of the HDs is similar to the thickness of fabric you would have on a high-end dress shirt. Other HDs, like the one pictured above, provide a sort of ribbed fabric that is a little thicker, but again…nothing like the material of a normal sneaker or boat shoe (leather). So, it takes a little getting used to the fact that you are walking around in slippers, but doing so is very comfortable. The weight of the HD provides the comfort of walking barefoot, but without the disgusting thought of actually walking barefoot in the dirty world we live in.

Before buying the shoe, the one concern I had is support. Light shoes and slippers tend not to provide a quality insole and thereby support. I don’t know how women can wear flats all day. I prefer a shoe that forms nicely to the natural shape of the foot and especially good arch support. I have to say, HDs have a comfortable and cushioned insole with good arch support. I was pleasantly surprised when I put them on. I thought that the designers, in search of a light shoe design, would cut corners on comfort. Nope…all good!

I remember as a kid that we had to learn to tie our shoes…because that’s how most shoes worked. Well, in recent years, humanity is slowly moving away from the need to tie shoes any longer. It’s like the best of Velcro but without the goofy look! LOL! As you can see by the picture above, HDs go the new high tech (LOL) “no tying required” route. You simply slip them on, and off you go. Again, the easiest comparison I can make is these are like slippers you can wear all day long…but with more comfort, style and a little more breathability.

Speaking of which, depending on which HDs you purchase, most have either vents or holes around the arch of your foot to allow for some air to go in and out. It makes a big difference and I was surprised that wearing HDs did not involve more sweating. When I paired the HDs with some no show socks, I found that sweating was quite limited to non-existent and so far…no shoe “aroma” despite a good amount of miles put on my HDs.

When it comes to miles on the shoes…HDs are definitely not designed for running, athletic activities or if you are planning on walking a few miles. While they are comfortable and light, I would prefer sneakers which would provide a little more stability for covering long distances or varying terrain. However, going to the grocery store, walking around the casino, running your errands for the day…even perhaps a day walking around Walt Disney World and HDs will perform just fine.

HDs come in a variety of designs and colors. So, you can always find a pair to go with your prevailing color style within the clothes you wear. What I liked about them is they work for both a casual setting…shorts and a t-shirt hanging out by the pool as well as a business casual lunch setting wearing shorts (or khakis) and a polo.

The cost is quite low. With sneakers running from $125 to $500+, the Hey Dude is only $35-$60 depending on the pair you purchase. I thought the low cost would equate to a shit shoe…not so! The shoes are relatively cheap, but this is likely because they won’t last long. It’s not because of poor construction. I could simply see that as you wear these the fabric will get dirty and wear, the sole with begin to break down or get dirty beyond cleaning and it is easier to just toss them and grab a new pair for an average price of $50 than to bother cleaning them. It’s more of a disposable shoe…but that’s nice too.

Listen, if you are a boring person like me who does not like change, I know…it can be tough to try out some different shoes. However, I will say that grabbing a pair of Hey Dude shoes for your arsenal is not a bad idea. Especially for use in the summer months or year round for those in warmer climates.

Good luck!