A Day In The Life…of an In-Play Bettor

There is a common misconception that betting in-play requires you to operate like a trader at an investment fund…tied to a computer, monitoring multiple screens and doing it for hours on end. Nothing could be further from the truth. Below is the reality of a typical day with in-play betting. I am writing this article on Friday morning for publication on Sunday. So, I am using the TSP Live In-Play Analytic content from Thursday (August 18th, 2022).

Shortly after TSP Live Insider is published, usually around 9-10am ET, the TSP Live In-Play Analytic table is populated with the key angles for the day. You would visit the TSP Live Dashboard at https://TSP.Live/tsp-live-alerts. Once on the page you would see a chart like the following…

Wager IDTime (ET)AngleLeagueOptimal TargetNotes
00:00NoneNoneNoneAngles which appear on Twitter, TSP Live or Telegram…but which do not appear on this table simply means that the optimal price is that which is listed on the general in-play targets spreadsheet at https://tsp.live/tsp-live-in-play-strategy-targets/ . It is done this way to minimize the content on this table to only those situations with unique calculated price targets. THE LAST SENTENCE IN THE NOTES SECTION FOR EVERY WAGER WILL BE THE EXPECTED SETUP TO ACHIEVE THE REQUIRED PRICE.
111:05Kvitova MLTennis255.0If she gets broken twice in the 1st Set or loses the 1st Set, this price should be achieved.
220:00Chicago SPNFL10.5You would typically need to see Chicago down at least 8-10 points for this price to arise.

The chart shows the time of the event, the wager or “angle” being targeted, the sport, the target price, notes about the typical setup that would generate the price and/or anything else I want you to take note of for the wager. In this case our targets are +255 for Kvitova and +10.5 for the Chicago Bears.

Now that you have reviewed the angles on the In-Play Analytic table, what’s next? My next step is to setup alerts for the events. I don’t have to nor necessarily want to watch the events on TV to monitor the possible wagers. I also don’t want to be glued to a live score screen for hours on end. Instead there is an easy solution…I can just have an app monitor the event for me. What a time and effort saver thanks to technology doing the hard part for me.

For the tennis angle with Kvitova, I open my SofaScore app, find the matchup of Kvitova versus Jabeur and click the little bell on the right side of the screen. I have now setup alerts for the match. When the match is 30 minutes from starting, when either player’s serve is broken, when a set concludes or when the match concludes…I will get an alert. Simple…that’s all I care about for live betting tennis anyway.

If you are a first time user of SofaScore, at the bottom right corner of the app are three dots labeled “More”. Tap that and it gets you to the “More” page. On the “More” page tap the “Settings” option. On the “Settings” page you want to tap “Notification Settings”. Now it brings up all the sports they offer and the alert settings. I use SofaScore for tennis and soccer alerts. So, you would then click on “Tennis” and I have the following selected as my notifications…”Start, Finish, Set, Break, Media, Reminder”. I don’t have “Game” selected because that just tells you who won each game. It’s a lot of alerts and if I don’t get a “break” alert then I just know the person serving won the game. So, the “Game” alert isn’t necessary for me. These SofaScore alerts are INVALUABLE for betting tennis in-play. It’s all free too! For Soccer in SofaScore I turn on ALL the notification options available…”Start, Halftime, Red Card, etc.”

Now for the Chicago Bears game…I open my Sports Alerts app, find the game under “NFL” and tap the game to open the game’s information page. Next, at the bottom of the game’s information page you will see “Game Info” and “Set Alerts”. Select the “Set Alerts” option and there are toggles to set the alerts you want. Once you have select the alerts you want then click the “< Games” at the top to save the alert settings and return back to the list of games…in this case NFL. Done!

At this point our alerts are set. Next I suggest you go into your phone and open your favorite sportsbook apps/website and leave them up in the background. If you aren’t in a state with sportsbooks, you could then open Safari and Chrome and log into one or two sportsbooks on each web browser. Then just leave those websites/browsers open in the background on your phone. DONE!

So, our event alerts are set and you have all your favorite in-play sportsbook accounts open…either logged in through web browsers/tabs and/or through the apps themselves like DraftKings, BetMGM, etc. It allows you fast access when it’s time to attack. At this point we can go about our day. Setup of the alerts and opening the apps took EASILY less than 5 minutes time….usually 2-3 minutes.

Around 11:45am ET on this day an alert comes in…Kvitova won the 1st Set…no bet there…she needed to lose the 1st Set for the +255 price to come into play. Took 5 seconds to review the alert and I go back about whatever I was doing because I didn’t get the setup I wanted. Easy!

From the Kvitova alert in the tennis match until the start of the NFL game is about 8 hours later…there’s nothing for me to do in-play in all that time.

It’s now finally 8pm ET and the NFL game is getting underway. However, I am not watching it. I decide to go sit outside and enjoy the evening. I get an alert…”Bears 7-0″. Well that’s not going to help my in-play target of Bears +10.5. In the end, the Bears rolled wire to wire, so there was nothing to do. A pretty easy evening from an in-play standpoint…no bets. Pregame the wagers went 2-0. However, for the purposes of this article let’s pretend there was Bears in-play action opportunities just to illustrate how all this would work.

In our alternate scenario, as I am sitting outside enjoying the evening, a Sports Alerts alert pops up and says “Seattle 7-0”. That’s not going to give me my Bears +10.5 target, back to enjoying the evening outside. DING!!! Another alert comes in, “Seattle 10-0”. PERFECT! To be honest, Seattle could have gone to 14-0 and that would have been perfect too because I would have had MORE than my target of +10.5…BONUS!! Anyway, the 10-0 lead for the Seahawks will likely setup the Bears at +10.5 in-play. IT’S TIME FOR ACTION! I now unlock my phone and check my favorite apps and/or websites for prices. Since there will be a commercial after a TD, a kickoff, teams coming on and off the field…I don’t really have to move with lightning speed…barring the kickoff being returned. I have plenty of time to check 2-3 apps and prices and place my wager without feeling like I am part of a NASCAR pit crew. I see Bookmaker has Chicago +10.5 (+100) whereas the others are around +10.5 (-115)…excellent…Bookmaker it is! My in-play wager is in!

At this time there is nothing more to do but root for the Bears! At the end of the day, the time necessary was…

2-3 minutes to setup alerts and open my sportsbook apps and websites in the background on my phone to have them ready.

1-2 minutes to check sportsbooks for the best price and then bet the Bears +10.5 (+100)…no other wagers were necessary.

It’s a total of 3-5 minutes per day. From the TSP Live In-Play Analytic launching on Thursday, August 11th (2022) through Thursday, August 18th (2022)…a total of 8 days of content…using the In-Play Analytic’s prices has resulted in a total of 15 wagers, for an 11-4 record and a profit of +14.3 units!!!

If you are a $50 bettor, it would equate to $715 the eight day period. As a $50 bettor I would assume that’s a nice chunk of change over the course of eight days. If you are a $2000 per unit bettor, well that’s income of $28,600 for eight days. Is it worth it to find a way to work in-play into your betting? Only you can answer that for yourself.

Like anything in life that provides a healthy reward, it’s not just going to be handed to you. You have to put in a little effort. When you sit back and actually try it as laid out above you will see that it’s hardly difficult. Nobody is saying you have to bet every angle, but passing up in-play because you don’t have time usually means you don’t want to spend the time. Everyone has time to check text messages, emails, read articles or view websites on their phones throughout the day. Not trying to be a rude, just trying to assist you in the goal of making money betting sports…and in-play betting is a highly lucrative method to achieve that goal.

If you are a serious sports bettor who is interested in in-play…check out a week of TSP Live at https://TSP.Live/tsp-live and I think you will enjoy it!

Good luck in your action!