What Is A Rollover?

How Did Operation Rollover Begin? I get a lot of requests for different bits of content. On Sunday, someone asked me if I ever did a rollover in betting for fun. I guess there was some personality on Twitter who did a rollover (but was later found to be a fraud by deleting losing bets to show the rollover had a perfect record). Anyway, the person I was speaking with mentioned the story of the Twitter personality and said I should try one to show my prowess. LOL!! Well, I am always up for some fun and a gambling challenge. I have done rollovers in the past in my personal betting and it is a really enjoyable and exciting wager, especially when you get deep in the process. I figure it would be fun to do this for Twitter. It would provide a lot of discussion opportunities and since it is multi-part, a rollover can carry the fun over multiple days. So, here we are! Rollovers will be a part of the content near term until I get blown up on them and the interest is no longer there. LOL!! Let’s have some fun in the mean time!

What Books Allow Rollovers? All books would be expected to allow rollovers because a rollover is not a unique bet. You could do a rollover at blackjack, craps, horses, anything. Why? Because all you are doing is placing a bet and then rolling your winning and risk from the original bet into the next bet. A rollover at blackjack is simply placing $50 on a hand. If you win the hand, you then place $100 on the next hand. If you win that second hand you now place $200 on the third hand and so on. All you are doing is just “letting it ride” from one bet to the next!

Why Bet Rollovers? It’s fun!! I have a very good friend who is a well-known poker professional. He has won multiple World Series bracelets, I have watched him go to a table with 6 figures and walk out well into 7 figures! He is well versed in the mathematics of betting and every wager on the poker table is calculated inside and out. However, before leaving the casino, this same guy who only plays advantage situations in poker, will drop tens of thousands of dollars at craps. Why? He likes the fun and action of the game. Rollovers are just a fun wager, for relatively low money compared to your real bankroll. Rollovers should be like 0.05 units or less in your betting (assuming a 1 unit standard wager).

How Does a Rollover Work? First, this IS NOT a Martingale. A Martingale is when you place a bet (typically at even money), and if you lose, you double your risk on the next bet. A Martingale is probably one of the dumbest betting strategies you can undertake because the basis for the strategy (for lack of a better term) is “you’re due to win”. With a martingale your losses are UNLIMITED, because you keep doubling after every loss.

A rollover is done only WHEN YOU WIN. If you lose, you start over at the base level. How a rollover works is you start out with a base stake. It can be as little as the minimum bet taken by the book. The rest of the process is easy. You simply rollover the risk and winnings of a wager into the next wager. Rollovers can be done with straight bets, parlays, teasers, anything. All you are doing is placing one bet and then using the risk and profits of the initial bet and rolling them over into a subsequent bet. A straight bet rollover wager would look like this…

$50 Starting Risk on Tampa +100
After Win #1 on Tampa, you have your $50 of initial risk plus $50 of winnings from Tampa +100. Now you take that $100 ($50 Risk plus $50 Winnings) and place it on Wager #2 and so on. For easy viewing of this breakdown, and illustrating how the earnings can get exponential, let’s assume every bet is even money.

$50 Start Risk
After Wager 1 wins you have $100
After Wager 2 wins you have $200 ($100 risk + $100 profit on Wager 2… you’d now place this $200 on wager #3)
After Wager 3 wins you have $400
After Wager 4 wins you have $800
After Wager 5 wins you have $1600
After Wager 6 wins you have $3200
After Wager 7 wins you have $6400
After Wager 8 wins you have $12800 (you now take the $12,800, of which $12,750 is profit and RUN!!!!)

The nice part of a rollover versus using an open parlay is you can always take your money and run after any wager in the sequence. In the above example, after Wager 5 wins, you have $1600 in your hands. If you don’t want to take the risk of placing $1600 on the next wager (Wager #6), simply end it there. Take your profits and run!

**DISCLAIMER**  Rollovers, depending on the size, can carry a VERY LOW WIN probability. Rollovers are high risk wagers. Rollovers beyond two or three wagers should only be bet for pizza money or money you don’t mind losing (because losing is the far higher probability than winning).

Good luck in your action and let’s have fun!