The Sharp Plays Transparency

All records on this page are compiled from posted content since July 2011. Records found on the Sports Content Records page are NOT included in the totals on this “Records Archive” page.

Return on Investment or “ROI” is the return on every dollar wagered on the category or angle listed. For example, let’s say there are 500 wagers for some bit of content and you placed $200 on each wager…for a total betting volume of $100,000. An ROI of 5% would mean an expected net profit of $5,000 (a.k.a. 25 units) on that content. You simply take the total amount wagered on that content and multiply by the ROI% to get what the ROI mean in terms of dollars won.

Records for the public are tracked as though you BET WITH the public. Records for Pro’s v Joe’s are based on BETTING WITH the Pro’s.

The Sharp Plays Biggest Success & Biggest Failure Since 2011 –

Biggest Failure: The 2019 Robin Hood Club Session #5 finished with a record of 85-112 for -19.2 units. It was ugly, but when you put out content daily for 10+ years, new and unique content, there’s going to be some big failures along the way… and the 2019 RHC #5 was it! Show me someone who has never failed and I will show you a coward, a liar, or both.” ~ TSP

Biggest Success: Everything else! LOL! On a serious note, as I have said many times over the years that what I am most proud of is the performance on exotics (i.e. parlays and teasers). Why? First, it is a solid performance at +332.7 units. However, the real reason I consider it the biggest success is because it blows up that BS belief that exotics are sucker bets. Many casual bettors and un-evolved professional bettors repeat the “exotics are sucker bets” sound bite so that they can sound intelligent on sports betting. In the end, they are missing the big picture. If, for example, you can win over 52.4% of your point spread wagers, you can turn the edge in exotics from the house to the player. It’s simple math and there’s no denying it!

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