On this page you will find a list of the types of alerts that are issued either by myself of by my robots on Twitter & Telegram. In the majority of situations, The Sharp Plays content is delivered exclusively to TSP Live subscribers. However, on a daily basis, select bits of TSP Live level content are also reported publicly (free) on Twitter & Telegram, logged in the TSP Content Log and then the performance is updated on the TSP Records pages for transparency.

Below is a breakdown of the current TSP alert types…

Sharp Buy: Simple, when sharp money hits a wager, and that action is at a material level…along with achieving other parameters I have programmed…the angle qualifies as a sharp buy. Sharp buys are graded within the sharp records on the Records table.

Book Needs: The books always have the advantage over the average bettor. Therefore, if there is a game where the book stands to achieve a high profit margin, who do you think has the advantage…the book or the players? If the book lost all their high profit margin games then they likely wouldn’t be around for long. So, the “Book Needs” robots find those high profit margin situations to allow TSP followers to put themselves on the side of the book, should they desire. The book gets the benefit of vig on their side, which is huge, however performance tracking has shown that above average book needs perform strongly as wagers for a bettor. Any wager showing as a “Book Need” is the side the “book needs” to win for that large profit. Book Needs are graded by size on the TSP Live records table.

Known Bettor Alerts: “Known” bettors are those bettors within a book who are considered “sharp” bettors. The goal of “known” bettor alerts is to report above average action being placed by an individual sharp bettor. Typically, wagers which are 100% or more above that bettor’s average wager, along with meeting other parameters, will trigger an alert.

An example of a TSP alert to Twitter or Telegram…

💵Sharp Buy

Virginia Tech -2

Sharp buying at -1, -1.5, and -2 combined with public money coming in hot on Duke. We have a public dog/sharp buy combo.

Rating: 1.00 units

Remember, if it’s not rated…it’s not graded! At which point it is for informational & news material purposes only.😁

The above has a rating of 1 unit, which means the selection will be graded, logged in the content log and included in the records table. If the rating was listed as 0.00 units…then the content is for informational purposes only and would not be graded nor logged.

Thanks as always for following and the support! Without you…I would not be doing what I do!

Good luck in your action!